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About Us

Our story

In 1993, Ross J Splitt, the founder of AutoRepairX, formally known as 1800-4-CARCARE. Encountered an Automotive Repair shop with virtually no scruples – (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for all of us). Ross was a race car driver at the time.

Ross was dealing with an Auto Repair Shop in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. The work the shop did was not to specifications and could NOT pass emissions. When Ross tried to reason with the shop owner, he got the run-around. The shop refused to make it right.

Ross vowed to never let this happen to anyone again. “I was racing cars at the time, if this could happen to me this was sure to happen to others.”  We may not all have had quite the same experience as Mr. Splitt’s, but most people have had a poor experience at an Auto Repair Shop and confess it’s a stressful situation.


Consumers and Repair Facilities Face a Dilemma. Consumers are not familiar with the operations of the newer vehicles and their on-board computer systems which control so many components of their car. Vehicles now-a days are much more complicated than in years past. Every year they get a little more complicated. Working on Cars/Trucks today requires newer and more sophisticated equipment to Diagnose and Repair.

AutoRepairX wants to help. The way they do this is by Educating and Connecting Consumers with Trustworthy, Competent Experts in the Industry.

AutoRepairX does not work with dealerships as Labor rates tend to be considerably higher. Looking towards the future, AutoRepairX realizes that the “Independently” owned Repair shops must remain strong. Many of which are Family owned and operated. AutoRepairX is committed to Keeping the Independently owned Repair shops STRONG. Thus, AutoRepairX offers many benefits to the Independently owned facilities who are willing to become Certified.  AutoRepairX understands it is a WIN/WIN scenario for Both the Shop owners and Consumers.

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Our Vision

We may not all have had an experience like RJ’s, but most people have had a poor experience at an auto repair shop and confess it’s a stressful situation.


Work with AutoRepairX and provide complete transparency, honest business practices, and have products, services, equipment, and standards that provide a positive experience every visit.

We Bring Attention to Bad Experiences

We do and can bring attention to behavior that results in poor experiences. We Provide an effective forum for dispute resolution in the automotive industry

Help Us Make the Auto Industry a Better Place

AutoRepairX and join our mission to promote good business and make the auto industry the best it can be.